After the IDF announced a new set of security instructions for Israelis living near the Gaza Strip, many locals are concerned about the highly-volatile situation.

The Gaza border

The Gaza border Photo credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

For Israelis living near the Gaza Strip, the recently-increased alertness along the border is a return to a reality they know too well. “Our three young children will be spending tonight in the missile-protected room, so they can go about their nightly routine with as few worries as possible,” said a woman living in one of the towns bordering Gaza.

The IDF on Tuesday announced new, strict security instructions for Israelis living in the Gaza area, as part of the preparation for a possible retaliatory attack by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad for the killing of its terrorists in the IDF’s recent tunnel demolition.

It was also reported that Iron Dome batteries were deployed all across the country and that many tourist sites were temporarily closed.

“We can sense the escalation,” a Gaza-area resident said. “Today, for example, we heard a loud boom like we haven’t heard in a long time.”

Other locals, it seems, are trying to remain optimistic. “We trust the IDF 100% to protect us,” said Ofer Lieberman, a farmer from Kibbutz Nir Am. “It’s business as usual for us. We know that when Hamas sees us building homes and sowing seeds, it concerns them more than tanks.”