A new video showing the death of Yassin Omar al-Saradih while in IDF custody has prompted a formal military investigation. After attacking IDF soldiers with a metal rod, al-Saradih was shot, beaten and did not receive medical care.

Watch: New footage captures Jericho incident between Palestinian and IDF soldiers. (Video Credit: Betselm)

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Last week, a group of twenty IDF soldiers entered Jericho city center to arrest wanted Palestinians. The soldiers’ presence led to altercations with the residents, who threw stones at the soldiers. At one point, Yassin Omar al-Saradih, 35, ran toward the soldiers while swinging a metal rod. The IDF said al-Saradih was shot and killed when he attempted to attack the soldiers.

However, a new video, released by B’Tselem, an organization devoted to exposing Israel’s alleged human rights violations, shows a clear progression of the incident. After al-Saradih was shot in the lower body, three soldiers are seen in the video emerging and beating him with their weapons. The soldiers then pull him into an alley and, after a few moments, throw a teargas grenade into the alley. Throughout the video, al-Saradhi receives no medical aid.

The IDF’s initial response was that al-Saradhi, armed with a knife, attacked the soldiers and received medical care. However, in light of the new information, the military police have opened an investigation.

“Following the incident and since the terrorist died while in IDF custody, there will be a military investigation in which the cause of death will be studied. An autopsy has been performed and the full incident report is being written,” said the IDF spokesperson.

A screenshot from the video

A screenshot from the video Photo Credit: B’Tselem