Thousands came to protest along the security fence at the Gaza border today. One Palestinian was killed. Israel will not allow the destruction of infrastructure at the border, said the IDF spokesperson.

Violence near the border (archive)

Violence near the border (archive) Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

A Palestinian protester was killed during clashes at the Gaza border today (Friday). Some of the thousands of Gazans who gathered near the border today tried to cross the fence while others threw explosives into Israel. The Palestinian who was killed had tried to cross the border fence into Israel.

The IDF responded to the demonstrations by using tear gas and opening fire, aiming at the lower part of the body of protesters who threatened Israel’s security.

Earlier today, fire broke out in a field close to the border when an explosive kite that was launched from Gaza landed in southern Israel.

The IDF commented on the incident, saying that it would not tolerate the destruction of security infrastructure along the security fence and would “continue to protect the security of Israeli citizens and Israel’s sovereignty.”

Security forces today arrived at the scene where the explosive kite landed. Residents of the area helped put out the fire. A reporter for Hadashot said that farmers drove their trucks and surrounded the fire in an effort to curb it from spreading to the rest of the area.