Launching three days of protest over US President Donald Trump’s plan to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, Palestinians burned pictures of Trump and the Israeli flag. Many demonstrations are being planned on social media.

Watch: Palestinian protesters burn pictures of Trump, Israeli flag

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Palestinian activists on Wednesday burned pictures of US President Donald Trump and the Israeli flag as part of three “days of rage” announced jointly by Hamas, Fatah and other groups over Trump’s plan to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Social media users are being encouraged to take to the streets and join the expected demonstrations. Thousands have used hashtags in Arabic such as “take your hands off Jerusalem” and “take your hands off al-Aqsa.”

A poster hung in the Palestinian territories

A poster hung in the Palestinian territories Photo credit: Channel 2 News

On Tuesday, a senior Fatah official warned that Wednesday’s riots would resemble those that followed Israel’s decision to place metal detectors on Temple Mount in July.

Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh stated that “all options are open” in order to “protect our land and our holy sites.”

In a letter to leaders of Muslim countries, Haniyeh wrote that “the American administration has proven that it is biased in Israel’s favor and is embracing the positions of the Israeli government.”

The IDF has been placed on high alert, with many units told to prepare for emergency deployment.