As part of Israeli security forces’ activity over the past few weeks in Jerusalem, a terror cell was discovered in the city’s east planning to carry out terror attacks on Jewish residents’ homes. The terror cell’s eight members were arrested. It is suspected that the terror cell’s leader asked to be sponsored by terror officials in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon.

8 East Jerusalem residents arrested

8 East Jerusalem residents arrested Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Over the past few weeks, a terror cell consisting of East Jerusalem residents was discovered and foiled, Israeli security forces announced today (Tuesday) after the information was released for publication. The cell operated in the Silwan neighborhood under the name “the Ghosts of Silwan.”

The terror cell was discovered as part of a joint operation between the Shin Bet, the Israel Police and the Israel Border Police’s undercover unit. Eight terrorists were arrested, including the terror cell’s leader Muhammad Faruh a 39-year-old Israeli resident who lives in Silwan.

It is suspected that Faruh contacted numerous terror officials in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip in order to request that they sponsor and fund the terror cell. Along with Faruh, seven other Israeli-Arabs who participated in the terror cell and are also from East Jerusalem were arrested: Amir Faruh (19), Said Alian (18), Muhammad Abu Taya (19), Amjad Shwiki (19), Ali Abassi (19) and Ahmad Abu Halef (18).

The investigation indicated that the terror cell members were planning to carry out a terror attack against Israeli targets in Silwan, such as a shooting attack against Israeli residents’ vehicles or shooting at Jewish homes in the neighborhood.