Two terrorists were neutralized on Tuesday after attempting to carry out a stabbing attack at Tapuah Junction. This attempted attack comes one day after an attempted stabbing at the Cave of the Patriarch.

Terrorist attack thwarted at Tapuah Junction

Terrorist attack thwarted at Tapuah Junction Photo Credit: Keren Perlman/TPS

Two terrorists attempted to stab an Israel Border Police officer patrolling the Tapuah Junction in the West Bank area on Tuesday. The terrorists were neutralized and there were no casualties among the border police. Sources have indicated that the border police acted quickly to thwart the attack.

This attack comes a day after a terrorist attack in Hebron was prevented. On Monday evening, a Palestinian man armed with a knife approached the Cave of the Patriarchs. Even though the knife was not detected by the metal detectors at the scene, the security forces thought that the 30-year old man from the Dura village looked suspicious and thus checked his pockets, discovering the weapon.