Qatari official says Doha working closely with Israel to improve Gaza situation

On Thursday, a senior Qatari official told the Associated Press that his country has been working closely with Israel to aid the Palestinians in Gaza. “Without the help of Israel, nothing happens,” he claimed.

Aid entering Gaza Photo Credit: Naomi Altchouler/TPS

A Qatari official acknowledged on Thursday that Israel is instrumental in improving the situation in Gaza and revealed that Doha is working closely with Israel in order to help the citizens of the coastal enclave.

“When you want to do work in Gaza, you have to go through the Israelis,” head of Qatar’s Gaza reconstruction committee Mohammed Al-Emadi told the Associated Press. “Without the help of Israel, nothing happens.”

“This is part of our effort, working very closely with Israel, very closely with everyone in Gaza, to prevent any more escalation and war. We want peace in the region,” he stated.

After Operation Protective Edge in 2014, a new system for delivering reconstruction materials into Gaza was set up. Under this system, the materials are transported through the Israeli-controlled border crossing after the Palestinian Authority coordinates the delivery and Israeli security guards inspect the materials upon their arrival. After the shipments enter Gaza, the UN monitors them in order to make sure they do not end up in the hands of terrorists.

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