Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the security cabinet ministers are receiving constant updates about the developments in northern Israel. The incident began early Saturday morning when an Iranian drone was downed by Israel after it entered Israeli airspace. Meanwhile, the IDF has confirmed that it has attacked over 10 Iranian targets in Syria.

Watch: Israeli pilots land in northern Israel after ejecting from fighter jet

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According to Israeli media reports, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is consulting with senior defense official regarding the developing events in northern Israel. The ministers of the Israeli security cabinet are also being updated as the developments unfold.

Meanwhile, rocket sirens were sounded at around 9:15 AM in the Golan Heights and the Jordan Valley. At the moment, there have been no reports of fallen projectiles in Israeli territory. The Israeli security establishment is trying to determine the cause of the rocket sirens.

IAF Lockheed Martin F-35

IAF Lockheed Martin F-35 Photo Credit: Yissachar Ruas/TPS

Syrian state media reported at around the same time of the rocket sirens that the Israeli Air Force is attacking targets in Syria. At around 10:00 AM, the IDF confirmed that Israel has carried out a large-scale attack on Iranian and Syrian targets in Syria.

The incident began shortly before 4:00 AM on Saturday morning when an Iranian drone took off from the Syrian T-4 Airbase and headed toward Israel’s northern border. The Israeli Air Force detected the drone as it took off and tracked it while it approached the border. When it crossed into Israel’s airspace, the Israeli security establishment decided to shoot it down.

In response, the Israeli Air Force sent four F-16 fighter jets to strike the airbase. Syrian air defense forces fired over 25 anti-aircraft missiles at the Israeli warplanes. One of the fighter jets went down during the incident. Syria is claiming that it fell after it was hit by one of the missiles. The IDF confirmed this claim, saying that the pilots ejected from the plane due to the missiles.  

The pilots landed in Israeli territory and were immediately taken to a Haifa hospital for medical treatment. One pilot was severely injured. The second pilot sustained minor injuries. The fighter jet fell in Israeli territory and exploded. No injuries from the explosion were reported.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit stated that Iran violated Israel’s sovereignty. “Iran is dragging the region to an adventure and it knows how this will end,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit added.

The Iranian drone’s remains were discovered in Kfar Ruppin, a kibbutz in the Beit She’an Valley. The residents of the kibbutz have been instructed to remain indoors. The drone’s remains are being examined by Israel.

Fighter jet lands in Israel

Fighter jet lands in Israel Photo Credit: Facebook Screenshot