Security Officials within the country warned that ISIS planned terror attacks at Jewish sites across Istanbul especially in kindergartens, schools, and youth centers. 6 terrorists were arrested.

Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Sky News revealed last night that ISIS terrorists planned to murder Jewish children in Turkey. According to the report, they planned to attack kindergartens, schools and youth centers across Turkey. Intelligence officials within the country stated that it was an immediate threat that was thwarted at least partially due to the arrest of 6 terrorists. The report comes after Israel issued a travel warning to Turkey.

According to the report, the six terrorists were arrested in the Southern Turkish city of Gaziantep and the investigation revealed their murderous intentions. They stated that one of their targets was an Istanbul synagogue located next to a community center and school.

“In light of these circumstances, significant security steps were taken,” a senior level security source stated. According to him, the Jewish community was warned about the intentions of the murderous terror organization: “It’s a credible threat and active plot despite the arrests.”

The official added that ISIS stands behind the murderous terror attacks both in Brussels and Istanbul: “The terror organization tries to harm Turkey and other countries while the Jewish community is prepared. We don’t know if the terror attack will go ahead in 24 hours or a few days.”