In an interview for ISIS’ media outlets, an ISIS senior-level official in Sinai claimed that the Israeli Air Force has carried out air strikes against his organization. He also claims that although Israel has superior technology, its intelligence is inadequate so the attacks aren’t effective.


Archive Photo Credit: Reuters\Channel 2 News

An ISIS senior-level official in Sinai was interviewed today (Thursday) by ISIS’ media outlets. He threatened Israel and claimed that Israel is actively attacking ISIS in Sinai.

“Israel is attacking our branch in Sinai with aerial attacks and with the most sophisticated technology it has but it lacks the intelligence,” stated Abu Hajar al-Hashemi, who was presented as ISIS’ leader in Sinai. “We are getting closer to its border every day.”

“The Jews don’t understand the Sinai reality,” said Abu Hajar. “They spend vast funding on securing their artificial fence but they forgot that God’s decree is that their homes will be destroyed. We will not spare any means to exterminate the abominations and we will prevent the infidels- the Jews and Christians- from distributing the abominations in the lands of the Muslims.”

Abu Hajar also called for new recruits to join the ISIS branch in Sinai, especially from Gaza and even addressed Hamas’ armed branch, which is fighting ISIS in Gaza, directly: “Do you not know that a person who does not rule by Sharia laws is an infidel, even if he prays, fasts and fights the Jews?”