A 25-year-old Arab-Israeli from East Jerusalem was arrested by the Shin Bet and Israel Police on account of joining the ranks of the Islamic State, and was indicted today following an investigation.

Halil Adal Halil Halil

Halil Adal Halil Halil Photo Credit: Shin Bet / Channel 2 News

Today (Mon) it was released for publication that an Islamic State (IS) activist living in Jerusalem was arrested at the beginning of the month. The suspect, 25 year-old Halil Adal Halil Halil from At-Tur in East Jerusalem, was arrested during an operation by the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) and Israel Police.

Halil stated during his investigation that he had worked as a medical assistant at the “Eitanim” psychiatric hospital outside of Jerusalem. In August of 2014 he admitted that he and a friend, Muhammad Sami al-Aziz Abu Snina, had planned to join the Islamic State in Syria, after having watched IS videos on the Internet.

Halil added that as part of preparations before leaving to fight amongst the terror organization’s ranks, he joined a fitness-training program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem’s gym. Before leaving the country, he told family members, as well as his supervisors at the hospital, that he was taking a vacation for several weeks in order to visit Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

The Islamic State. Archives

The Islamic State. Archives Photo Credit: Reuters / Channel 2 News

Instead, Halil purchased a one-way flight ticket to Greece and from there caught a flight to Istanbul, in order to hide his intention to join the Islamic State from Israeli secret services. Halil and his friend flew to Istanbul at the beginning of January, and from there contacted an IS representative who directed them to a hideout apartment in the south of Turkey, close to the Syrian border.

In the apartment, the two met other IS activists who were recruited from across the globe, two of which were Arab-Israeli. The recruits were split into groups of four to five people and were smuggled into Syria by Turkish smugglers working for the Islamic State.

Halil returned to Israel after several weeks, and was later arrested and taken for investigation by the Shin Bet. Today he was indicted on charges of attempting to join an illegal organization, attempting to contact a foreign agent and illegally leaving the country.