Three months since the shooting incident in Jordan, in which an Israeli security guard was involved, the Jordanians are setting a new ultimatum and are demanding the replacement of Israeli Ambassador Einat Schlein.

Israeli embassy in Jordan

Israeli embassy in Jordan Photo Credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Several months after the shooting incident in Jordan that involved an Israeli guard, the Jordanians are setting a new ultimatum.

Not only are they insisting on a legal procedure against the guard and are refusing to allow Israeli investigators to collect evidence from eyewitnesses, the Jordanians are demanding the replacement of Israeli Ambassador Einat Schlein as a condition to end the crisis. According to Jordan, it cannot be that Schlein, who was photographed with the security guard at his reception, will return to Jordan.

Meanwhile, the Shin Bet has completed its detailed investigation report of the events that took place and determined that the security guard was attacked twice for nationalistic reasons. According to the report, there is no doubt that he acted out of self-defense, as required and expected of him.

Israeli officials are refusing to get unnerved by the developments and are claiming that Jordanian King Abdullah needs Israel. However, the officials added that if necessary, Israel will apologize in order to end the crisis.

On July 23, a Jordanian man attacked Israeli security guard Ziv Moyal with a screwdriver, whereupon Moyal killed the assailant. A second Jordanian also died in the incident.