The PM and the US special Middle East envoy held their second meeting Thursday and discussed policies on settlements, peace talks and other issues.

Greenblatt, Netanyahu

Greenblatt, Netanyahu Photo credit: Kobi Gideon, GPO/Channel 2 News

Donald Trump’s chief negotiator Jason Greenblatt met on Thursday with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss policies on settlements, peace talks and other regional issues. During the meeting, Netanyahu told Greenblatt that the freezing of settlement construction is “not politically feasible.”

In a joint statement after the meeting, Netanyahu and Greenblatt described it as “positive” and said it “reaffirmed the joint commitment of both Israel and the United States to advance a genuine and lasting peace between Israel and the Palestinians that strengthens the security of Israel and enhances stability in the region.”

During his visit this week, Greenblatt also met with leaders of the West Bank settler community, who told him that the “terrible” freezing policy promoted by the Obama administration violated the settlers’ human rights, and said even a partial freezing “would lead to a political crisis.”