Though it is assessed that the chances of a war breaking out on Israel’s northern front anytime soon are low, Lebanon-based Hezbollah is continuously working to enhance the precision of its line of rockets, with Iranian assistance.

Photo Credit: IDF

Iran is making ongoing efforts to upgrade Hezbollah’s line of rockets and make them far more lethal and precise, according to a report on Israeli television.

An ongoing project aimed at upgrading Hezbollah’s rocket capabilities is reportedly being led by Qasem Suleimani, a senior commander in the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and is prompting Israel to seek solutions to the growing threat coming from the north.

“It is safe to assume that some of the recent overnight strikes in Syria ascribed to Israel have been related to these targets,” the report said, quoting a senior IDF official as saying that Israel will not allow Hezbollah to conduct a project to enhance the precision of its rockets.

The decision to upgrade Hezbollah’s rockets was reportedly made after the 2006 Lebanon War, during which Hezbollah fired about 7,800 rockets and missiles toward Israel but missed many of its targets.