Following the alleged Israeli airstrikes in Syria last night, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said that his country is more committed than ever to eradicating terrorists from his country. Meanwhile, an official in an alliance that includes Syria and its regional allies told the New York Times that Iran will likely attack Israel after the Lebanese parliamentary election in May.

Iranian military equipment on display

Iranian military equipment on display Photo Credit: EPA

On Monday, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad claimed that the latest airstrikes in Syria constitute an escalation in hostility toward Syria. In the airstrikes, several sites in the Hama and Aleppo areas were destroyed. Pro-Assad media outlets and Hezbollah have accused Israel of carrying out the airstrikes.

“The entire region is in a stage where the political maps are being redrawn,” Assad said during a meeting with an Iranian lawmaker, according to Hadashot news. “The incorporation of other countries in the phase of direct aggression [against Syria] after their plans failed only increases the determination of the Syrians to eradicate all forms of terrorism.”

Meanwhile, the New York Times reported that more than 200 missiles were destroyed in last night’s attack, quoting an unnamed official from a regional alliance that includes Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. In addition, the official said that 11 Iranians were among the 16 people who were killed.

The official added that Tehran will likely retaliate against Israel. However, he said that the counterattack would not take place before the May 6 election in Lebanon.