A US envoy to the Middle East has assured the Lebanese government that Israel is not interested in escalating the situation along its northern border, as Lebanese officials are calling Israel’s construction of a border wall “an act of aggression.”

The Israeli-Lebanese border

The Israeli-Lebanese border Photo credit: Hadas Porush, Flash 90

Amid increasing tensions with Lebanon over Israel’s construction of a border wall along its northern border, a US official on Thursday assured Beirut that Israel is not interested in launching war.

According to a senior Lebanese government official, the US official “held talks regarding the wall with Israel and said there is no call for concern and there is no direction toward escalation.”

Meanwhile, Lebanon’s President Michel Aoun said his country is continuing the efforts “to prevent Israel’s greediness on land and sea.” “We are regularly communicating with the UN and friendly nations in order to take care of this situation, in hopes that Israel does not escalate it,” Aoun said, adding his country would be able to strike back if necessary.

On Wednesday, Lebanon’s Higher Defense Council ordered the army to resist Israel’s actions, calling them “an act of aggression” toward Lebanon.