Two IDF soldiers were killed and four were injured when their vehicle fell into an eight-meter deep ditch on Tuesday evening during a military drill in northern Israel. The Israeli military is investigating the incident.

Watch: The scene of the crash, today

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An IDF officer and a soldier were killed Tuesday evening after their self-propelled armored vehicle overturned during a military drill in northern Israel. Four other soldiers were injured. Two of the injured soldiers are in critical condition while the other two sustained minor injuries. They were evacuated to Ziv Medical Center in Safed. The IDF is investigating the incident.

The drill was part of a field course for military commanders and soldiers from the Artillery Corps’ 411th Battalion were partaking in the exercise. The vehicle was traveling from Nafah Junction to Waset Junction on a dirt road parallel to the main road. The driver of the armored vehicle attempted to make a U-turn but was blinded by the vehicles behind him.

The overturned armored vehicle

The overturned armored vehicle Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The driver reported that he could not see and then the vehicle suddenly fell into an eight-meter deep ditch next to the road. The team of experts investigating the incident is trying to figure out whether the crash could have been prevented and why the driver did not stop even though he had been blinded by the other vehicles.