Al – Arabiya: Jerusalem accepted the Cairo agreements to a truce without conditions. Al – Miadin: Egypt will announce a ceasefire starting tomorrow morning. Earlier Hamas and Islamic Jihad notified that there would be an “imminent ceasefire.”

There are increasing reports of an imminent ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians: a network, al-Arabia, released tonight (Monday) that Israel made clear to Egypt that they are willing to agree to an unconditional cease fire. In return, according to the network’s report (there has been no confirmation from any Israeli official) Israel will withdraw the remaining troops from the Strip. Meanwhile, a reporter for Al – Miadin who stayed with the Palestinian delegation reported that Egypt is expected to announce a ceasefire starting at 8 : 00 am tomorrow. A similar report was published in the official news agency “Mana”, that reported that an official statement on the subject is to be expected tonight.

Earlier today, after a second day of meetings in Cairo, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the Popular Front and the Palestinian Authority officials announced that “a ceasefire is expected within hours.” Figures of the Palestinian delegation reported that the Egyptians are speaking with Israel about entering a ceasefire period of several days. An Israeli official said that any basis for negotiations will be with the Egyptian initiative, and without preconditions – Israel will favorably  consider a ceasefire.



Approaching a ceasefire?

Approaching a ceasefire? Photo: Lefteris Pitarakis AP

Egypt once again puts the formula for a negotiations on the table- without a ceasefire by both sides will not be able to negotiate. “Negotiations by an Egyptian initiative requires a ceasefire by both sides, to be able to send delegations to Cairo who will fill the positions of finding a solution to this crisis that will lead to opening the borders,” declared Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shukri, this evening.

Palestinian sources reported that the Egyptian intelligence chief General Mohammed Tuhami, who attended the talks in Cairo today, explained to the delegations that Egypt wants a ceasefire soon. Another sources said that the General noted that Egypt will relate positively to the long list of demands for Israel submitted by the Palestinians – but first they must hold fire for at least 72 hours.

At 17:00 the humanitarian ceasefire  declared by Israel expired. The shooting in the south continued, and the IDF renewed attacks on the strip. Meanwhile, Americans are also putting in efforts to enact a ceasefire. An Israeli senior official said that Secretary of State John Kerry suggested that the parties resume another 72 hour ceasefire.