Two months after Israeli PM Netanyahu and Croatian PM Plenković first discussed it during their meeting in Davos, the two countries officially signed a deal on Thursday whereby Israel will sell 12 second-hand F-16 fighter jets to Croatia.

Israeli F-16 fighter jets

Israeli F-16 fighter jets Photo credit: Wikipedia

A deal to sell 12 Israeli F-16 jets to Croatia was officially signed on Thursday after initially being discussed two months ago by the leaders of both countries.

The Israeli Defense Ministry called the signing of the deal “a significant milestone in strengthening the bilateral ties … and the strategic cooperation between the two countries.”

The jets Israel will be selling to Croatia are second-hand F-16 fighter jets that the Israeli Air Force has recently stopped using, though they are still fully operational. The deal, estimated at about half a billion dollars, had been awaiting the approval of the US, which manufactures the jets.

Netanyahu and Plenković in Davos

Netanyahu and Plenković in Davos Photo credit: Amos Ben Gershom, GPO

The deal was first discussed between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković in February during their meeting in Davos.

“The Israeli security industry is proving once again that it is among the best in the world,” Netanyahu said in a statement. “This deal will strengthen the Israeli Aerospace Industry as well as the security of our country.”