Six months after a terrorist murdered three members of an Israeli family in the settlement of Halamish, the residents are protesting the fact that only part of his home has been demolished, despite a promise from an IDF official that the building would be destroyed completely.

The terrorist, Omar al-Abed, in court

The terrorist, Omar al-Abed, in court Photo credit: TPS

Residents of the settlement of Halamish, where three Israelis were murdered in a horrific terror attack in July, have petitioned the Supreme Court after discovering that the terrorist’s home has not been completely demolished.

A few days after the attack, IDF Maj. Gen. Roni Numa, the head of the army’s Central Command, spoke to residents of the settlement and promised that the terrorist’s home would be demolished. The IDF, however, demolished only the first floor of the building, which occupied the terrorist, and kept the second floor, where the terrorist’s family members live, intact.

The surviving members of the Salomon family, three of whose members were murdered in the attack, said they are “shocked by the state’s willingness to castrate the demolition punishment and to seriously harm an important deterrent.”

Dan Landa, whose son-in-law, Elad Salomon, was murdered, said, “I expected a representative of the state to join the effort of preventing the next murder, but I was wrong.”

Omar al-Abed, the terrorist, was given four life sentences two weeks ago. The verdict was decided upon by a panel of three judges, two of whom supported it. The third judge asserted the Abed should be sentenced to death.

On July 21, Abed, armed with a knife, entered the home of the Salomon family and murdered Yossi Salomon, 70, and his children Chaya and Elad. The mother, Tova, was severely injured.