The IDF investigation into the deadly Halamish terror attack uncovered that several serious failures made it easier for the Palestinian terrorist to enter the settlement before he murdered three family members.

The three victims

The three victims Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

About two months after the murder of three family members in Halamish, the IDF released the military investigation into the deadly terror attack. The report indicates that there was a series of serious operational failures that enabled the terrorist to enter the settlement and carry out the murderous act.

The investigation, which was conducted in cooperation with the Binyamin Regional Council’s security department and Halamish’s civilian security establishment, was presented to IDF Central Command head Maj.-Gen. Roni Numa. Among other things, the investigation uncovered that the military unit stationed in the area failed to carry out its directives. This discovery was especially disturbing given the fact that alert level in the region was high due to the Temple Mount terror attack, which occurred just a few days earlier.

In addition, the report found that the settlement’s civilian security force failed to comply with the instructions from the IDF regarding enhanced security measures for the settlement. According to the report, the IDF had allotted funds for a new perimeter fence several months ago but the settlement’s security force had not done its part in advancing the upgrade.

The findings of the investigation praised the actions of the off-duty IDF soldier who neutralized the terrorist. The soldier received a military citation last month. His father received a letter of appreciation for assisting his son.  

Following the military probe, behavioral remarks were written in the official records of two IDF officers. The officer who was in charge of the Halamish area was sentenced to 21 days of on-base confinement.

In addition, the head of the settlement’s security establishment was reprimanded by the Binyamin Territorial Brigade commander. The deputy head of the security establishment and the settlement’s front gate guard were relieved of their duties due to their failure to comply with orders.