According to initial reports, an IAF Patriot missile was fired near Safed and intercepted a Hezbollah UAV attempting to enter Israel’s airspace via the border at the Golan Heights. The IDF stated that it is currently investigating the incident.

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According to IDF reports, a Patriot missile intercepted a Hezbollah UAV today (Tuesday) in the Golan Heights. The missile was fired from a battery near Safed. The IDF stated that the incident is currently under investigation.

The aircraft was produced by Iran, operated by the Hezbollah terrorist organization and was likely on a reconnaissance mission in the Golan Heights buffer zone. According to several reports, the aircraft launched from Damascus was identified by Israeli Air Force (IAF) systems and the decision to intercept it was then made. Prior to firing the Patriot missile, IAF fighter jets were scrambled to the scene in order to evaluate the threat.

Patriot missile intercepts UAV

Patriot missile intercepts UAV Photo Credit: Pinhas Cohen/Channel 2 News

“The Israeli Air Force’s Air Defense combat soldiers intercepted an unmanned aircraft apparently belonging to Hezbollah using a Patriot missile,” the IDF said in an issued statement. “The IDF will not permit any infiltration or approaching of Iranian, Hezbollah, Shi’ite militia or global jihad terrorist elements to the Golan Heights border area. We will sharply and clearly respond to every action and operate to prevent any attempt of this sort.”