The IDF has released the annual review of 2017, revealing that the past year was marked by a historic low number of casualties in terrorist attacks in Israel paired with a rise in the number of arrests for terror involvement in the West Bank.

IDF soldiers

IDF soldiers Photo Credit: Nasser Ishtayeh/Flash90

IDF Spokesperson’s Unit unveiled on Sunday the annual review of IDF activity in 2017, which marked a historic low number of casualties in terror attacks. At the same time, the number of arrests for suspected terrorist activity grew this year, while the total number of terror attacks in the West Bank dropped.

In southern Israel, 2017 saw a slight increase in rocket and mortar fire from the Gaza Strip. The Iron Dome defense system was activated 35 times during the year, compared to only 15 in 2016. The IDF targeted 59 different targets in Gaza in response, such as Hamas training camps and observation posts.

3,617 Palestinians were arrested for suspected terror involvement in the West Bank, 500 more than the previous year. In 2017, 20 people were murdered and 169 injured in terror attacks, compared to 17 murdered and 263 injured in 2016. The IDF seized 10 million dollars in terror funds and 455 illegal firearms. Furthermore, 42 weapon laboratories in the West Bank were shut down.