IDF troops on Thursday evening arrested four Palestinians who had crossed the border from Gaza into Israel. The suspects were carrying two knives and a grenade, the IDF spokesperson said in a tweet.

The weapons the suspects were carrying

The weapons the suspects were carrying Photo Credit: Twitter screenshot/IDF spokesperson

The IDF spokesperson stated on Thursday evening that four Palestinians were apprehended after they crossed into Israel from Gaza.

The suspects, who entered Israel from the southern Gaza Strip, were carrying knives and a grenade. They were handed over to other security forces for questioning.

Yesterday, JOL reported that the US Treasury and the State Department have recognized Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh as a global terrorist. A Gaza-based terrorist organization funded by Iran was also placed on the blacklist.

The statement published by the US State Department said that sanctions will be imposed on Haniyeh and the Gaza-based terrorist organization, freezing any US-based assets and preventing US citizens from conducting business with them.