A Hamas training camp was attacked last night by Israeli fighter jets after Palestinian terrorists entered Israel undetected and attempted to destroy a military vehicle close to the border. The IDF is investigating the serious breach of security that was caught on tape by Al-Jazeera.

IDF attacks in Gaza (archive)

IDF attacks in Gaza (archive) Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Israeli fighter jets attacked a Hamas target in Rafah on Saturday night after four Palestinian terrorists entered Israel from the coastal enclave and tried to destroy an IDF vehicle. The target was a site used as a training camp by the terrorist group.

The IDF spokesperson said in a statement that the military “views with great severity” all attempts to harm Israel’s defense system and the security fence. The spokesperson added that last night’s incident joins the recent slew of serious encounters along the border.

The four terrorists managed to cut a hole in the fence and enter Israel undetected. Footage of the infiltration was recorded by Al-Jazeera and released by the Qatar-based news agency. Al-Jazeera claims that the Palestinians set fire to the unattended engineering vehicle. In the footage, smoke is seen rising from the area as the terrorists flee the scene. The military vehicle sustained minor damage due to the apparent fire.

“Yesterday, the security fence next to Israel & the Gaza Strip was damaged & there was an attempt to arson an engineering vehicle. In response, moments ago, the IAF targeted a terror objective in a military compound in Rafah, southern Gaza, belonging to Hamas, a terror organization,” the IDF spokesperson wrote on Twitter early Sunday morning. “The IDF will continue to thwart all attempts to harm the State of Israel and will respond severely against those who wish to harm Israeli civilians. Hamas is held responsible for all aggression coming from the Gaza Strip.”

The Israeli security establishment is still investigating how the terrorists entered Israel near Kissufim without being detected. Even though the vehicle was only slightly damaged, the military is worried that the incident will lead to more attempts to breach the border fence as Israelis celebrate Passover this weekend.