Just like many Israeli families, the IDF, too, is preparing for the Rosh HaShana dinner. The army’s cooks promise to serve delicacies even in the most remote bases and guard posts.

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It is said that an army marches on its stomach. The IDF made great plans in the dining hall to march into the New Year. First Sergeant Ramsi Ibrahim, the head chef in an army base in the Golan Heights, prepared early for the tank unit on base.

“We are serving chicken stuffed with dried fruits and walnuts with a special sweet and sour sauce on top,” he explained. The logistics division launched an impressive operation to send ingredients to all its bases for the New Year celebration. This included 77 tons of meat, 10 tons of fish, 21 tons of fruits and vegetables and of course, two tons of honey for a sweet year. Each kitchen was also given a special budget to buy goods for the holiday.

Officer Koby Levy explained, “We have been working very hard for months in all military culinary centers to prepare for the holiday in order to provide the best meals we can for our soldiers.” 

“This lets the soldiers know that the IDF cares,” says Major Oriah Ziv On. “They know that they must save food for those on patrol or in the field as well.” Private Shiran Cohen was preparing the apple strudel for dessert.  “For those who don’t like strudel, I am also preparing chocolate soufflé.”  We wish all of the soldiers a happy, safe New Year and Bon Appetite!