The IDF says Yassin al-Saradih, a Palestinian who tried to attack soldiers during a raid in Jericho on Thursday, died as a result of inhaling tear gas. The Palestinians are certain he was executed by the soldiers on the scene.

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The IDF is still investigating Thursday’s incident in Jericho, in which a Palestinian man was killed after trying to assault Israeli soldiers, with Israeli and Palestinian officials each offering their own version as to the cause of the man’s death.

Israeli authorities have asserted that Yassin al-Saradih, the assailant, was in good condition in the moments after the incident and died later as a result of inhaling tear gas sprayed by the soldiers. The Palestinians, however, are insisting that Saradih was executed.

“They caught him, tied him up and started beating him with their feet, their rifles, everything,” said a member of Saradih’s family. “They locked him up in chains and dragged him away, but he was already dead.”

According to the IDF’s inquiry, Saradih ran toward the soldiers while holding a large metal object. The soldiers fired at him but he was not harmed. They proceeded to arrest him using force. Saradih resisted arrest and tried to steal a rifle from one of the soldiers. After being handcuffed, Saradih was examined by a military paramedic and found to be in good condition.

The incident occurred in the early hours of Thursday morning while a group of IDF soldiers were on a mission to locate terror suspects in Jericho, a city in the West Bank that is usually considered more moderate and quiet than many others.