The IDF Military Police has launched a probe into Tuesday’s incident near the settlement of Halamish, where a Palestinian driver was shot dead after refusing soldiers’ orders to pull over.

Photo credit: Channel 2 News

The IDF Military Police are investigating the killing of a Palestinian driver on Tuesday near the settlement of Halamish.

The incident was initially treated as an attempted terror attack, as it was reported that the driver had tried to run over a group of soldiers. However, further information indicates that the driver refused to stop his vehicle after the soldiers deemed him suspicious and ordered him to pull over.

The driver was then shot and killed. A passenger in the car was injured and evacuated to a hospital by a Red Crescent ambulance.

The soldiers were reportedly notified in advance about the suspicious vehicle as it was approaching them.

Halamish was the site of a deadly terror attack back in July, in which three members of an Israeli family were murdered.