According to Rambam Medical Center, the Israeli pilot who was seriously injured after abandoning an F-16 jet hit by a Syrian missile has made a significant recovery overnight.

The downed F-16

The downed F-16 Screenshot from Facebook

The Israeli pilot who was seriously injured on Saturday after abandoning an F-16 fighter jet above northern Israel has made a significant recovery, Rambam Medical Center has stated.

The hospital added that the pilot is still hospitalized in the intensive care unit, but is now able to breathe on his own and is fully conscious. The pilot was reported to be in critical condition on Saturday morning.

The F-16 was abandoned by its pilot and navigator after it was hit by an anti-aircraft missile fired from Syria. The missile was launched in response to the Israeli strike on the Syrian T4 airbase, the home base of the Iranian drone that had entered Israel’s airspace and was shot down by the IAF.

According to assessments by Israeli officials, the Iranians were not expecting Israel to launch a retaliatory strike, considering the fact that the Syrian T4 airbase is also populated by Russian troops.