In addition to stationing reinforcements in southern Israel, the IDF has reportedly deployed Iron Dome batteries throughout central Israel amid the rising tensions with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip following the recent terror tunnel explosion. IDF Major General Yoav Mordechai directly warned the PIJ and any others against taking revenge.

An Iron Dome battery (Archives)

An Iron Dome battery (Archives) Photo Credit: Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Spokesperson/Channel 2 News

Reports released to the media this evening (Monday) indicate that Israeli Air Force Iron Dome batteries have been readied and stationed throughout central Israel, just two weeks after the IDF intensified its presence along the Israeli border with the Gaza Strip amid the growing tensions in the south.

The PIJ responded to the IDF Spokesperson Unit’s threats stating, “The threats of the occupation do not scare us, and they express the fear of the response of the Jihad and the resistance. They are a declaration of war and we will act against it.”

The IDF has increased security around the construction work currently being done on the security barrier along the Gaza Strip, including reinforcements of special forces. The IDF wants to prepare a quick response in the event that the Islamic Jihad decides to act and also to enable the work on the barrier to continue.

The IDF has stressed that most of its efforts are focused on allowing daily life for the residents of the surrounding area to continue undisturbed. No special instructions have been issued to the residents by the security establishment and they are encouraged to continue in their daily routines.

IDF reinforcements called to southern Israel (Archives)

IDF reinforcements called to southern Israel (Archives) Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Islamic Jihad chief Khaled al-Batsh continued to threaten Israel in an interview with the Beirut-based Al Mayadeen television network. “Israel’s threats to move the campaign to Lebanon or Syria will not prevent us from responding to its aggression,” he said. “Our campaign with Israel is open and the killing of our fighters will not go unpunished. We warn Israel against the assassination of our leaders. That will lead to a decisive response.”

In a video released by Major General Yoav Mordechai, he emphasized that there will be severe repercussions for anyone who seeks revenge for the destroyed terror tunnel. “Two weeks ago, Israel destroyed a terror tunnel in Israeli sovereign territory,” Mordechai said in the beginning of the video. “We are aware of the plot that the Palestinian Islamic Jihad terror group was planning against Israel. They are playing with fire at the expense of the Gazan residents, the Palestinian reconciliation efforts and the stability of the entire region.”