The IDF has confirmed that fighter jets attacked several Hamas targets late Friday night. The strike was ordered in response to a major attempt by Palestinian protesters to breach the border fence and destroy it.

Peaceful march? Palestinians attempt to infiltrate Israel and burn security fence (Video Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit)

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Israeli fighter jets attacked six Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip late Friday in response to a massive infiltration attempt along the Gazan-Israeli border, which occurred on Friday afternoon. The targets were connected to the terrorist group’s naval forces.

“For several weeks, the Hamas terrorist group has been leading violent riots that have been used as covers for terrorist acts against security forces and civilians,” the military’s spokesperson said in a statement. “At the peak of today’s events, there was a violent and widespread attempt to cross the border during which violent rioters, including terrorists, marched toward Israel while throwing explosive devices, hand grenades and Molotov cocktails.”

“The IDF seriously views the constant attempt by the Hamas terrorist group to turn the border area into a scene of violence and terror under a civilian disguise,” he added. “The IDF will not tolerate the cynical use of civilians, including children, women and handicapped people, to cover up constant terror acts, and it will continue to respond firmly.” The spokesperson also stressed that the military holds Hamas responsible for all actions that take place in the coastal enclave.

Israeli fighter jet

Israeli fighter jet Photo Credit: Edi Israel/Flahs 90

During yesterday’s protests, thousands of Palestinians gathered in various locations along the border. Near the Karni crossing, hundreds of Palestinians stormed the border to damage the security fence, successfully destroying part of it. The IDF responded by opening fire, killing at least one protester. About 30 people were injured, according to the Health Ministry in Gaza.

On Friday afternoon, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein criticized Israel’s response to the violent riots. “The loss of life is deplorable, and the staggering number of injuries caused by live ammunition only confirms the sense that excessive force has been used against demonstrators – not once, not twice, but repeatedly,” Zeid said in a statement.

“I am doubly concerned by reports of unusually severe injuries resulting from the use of live ammunition,” he continued. “Furthermore, many of those seeking treatment outside of Gaza have been refused permits by Israel to leave, which has increased the suffering.”