While visiting three of the four IDF soldiers injured in Saturday’s explosion near the Gaza border, the Israeli defense minister praised the soldiers and vowed to avenge the incident.

Lieberman (right) at the hospital

Lieberman (right) at the hospital Photo credit: Ariel Hermoni, Israeli Defense Ministry

Three days after a bomb that detonated near the Gaza border injured four IDF soldiers, Israel’s Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman visited three of them at the hospital and vowed to “settle the score” with those responsible.

“I came here right after visiting the Gaza border, where I was briefed on the incident and its outcome,” Lieberman told the soldiers. “The IDF will settle the score with those who placed the bomb and those who sent them.”

Earlier on Tuesday, during his visit near the Gaza border, Lieberman slammed Hamas for sacrificing the lives of its civilians by encouraging them to start violent riots and commit terror attacks.

“The heads of Hamas, who have no shortage of electricity, food or medicine, do not send their own family members to clash (with the IDF) at the border fence. They send the poorest people, those who live under the toughest conditions,” Lieberman said. “That says a lot about Hamas’ character.”