Palestinian media has reported that three protesters were killed during clashes with IDF forces on the Gaza border on Friday.

Israeli soldiers guarding the Gaza border

Israeli soldiers guarding the Gaza border Photo credit: Abed Rahim Khatib, Flash 90

Three Palestinians were killed on Friday during clashes with IDF forces on the Gaza-Israel border east of Jabalia, according to Palestinian media.

Ahead of the renewal of the protests on Friday, Hamas asked families of Palestinian killed by or imprisoned in Israel to show up with pictures of their children. It also called to keep the demonstrations non-violent. Such requests did not prevent violent incidents from occurring in the previous weeks.

Last night, the IDF dropped pamphlets in Arabic from the sky, warning locals not to cooperate with Hamas and not to get too close to the border fence.

“Hamas is using you to carry out acts of terror,” the pamphlets read. “The IDF is prepared for any scenario. Beware of approaching the fence or harming it. Do not use weapons or take any violent action towards the Israeli security forces and the Israeli citizens. Stay away from those who promote terrorism and violent riots. There is another way. Your future is in your own hands.”