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IAF and IDF special forces train in Cyprus’s mountainous terrain

A military exercise conducted in Cyprus by IDF special forces and the Israeli Air Force came to an end this evening. The forces trained in complex terrain under harsh weather conditions. “Except for enemy fire, the forces experienced the challenges most similar to war,” explained a senior-level IDF officer.

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An IDF air and ground forces exercise in Cyprus came to an end this evening (Thursday). A variety of IDF special force units trained during the week-long military exercise in complex terrain and under harsh weather conditions with the full cooperation of the Israeli Air Force (IAF), which flew the forces to and from Cyprus and had its fighter jets and helicopters participate. “Except for enemy fire, the forces experienced the challenges most similar to war,” said a senior-level IDF officer.

The officer emphasized that this was a long and significant exercise in improving the IDF’s ability to deal with fighting in overseas territories. “There was close cooperation together with the IAF, I could define it as out of the ordinary,” the officer said adding that along with the combat forces, logistics personnel also participated and providing advanced medical treatment was also practiced. “Of course, there was also cooperation with the Cyprus Army both in terms of conducting joint exercises and in terms of the opportunities that they afforded us to train.”

IAF flies IDF forces to Cyprus for exercise Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit/Channel 2 News

A senior-level IAF officer noted that these operational simulations examined all of the commanding officials’ capabilities, as well as the control of scenarios in which the IDF can operate. “We examined components from different scenarios in order to take advantage of the unique situation and train in unfamiliar territory,” the IAF officer stated. “I believe that there’s been a significant leap forward for our forces.”

Harsh weather conditions Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit/Channel 2 News

The topography of Cyprus’s mountainous terrain is similar and can resemble Lebanon’s mountainous terrain, as well as that of other enemy states around the world. This is the second time that a military exercise of this sort was conducted. Last year, the IDF conducted an exercise in Cyprus with the Cyprus Army’s cooperation.

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