A convoy of US Patriot missiles was spotted on Thursday making its way to southern Israel, ahead of a large-scale joint drill in two weeks between the IDF and the US Army.

Watch: US Patriot missiles convoy in Israel
Photo credit: Facebook

A US Navy assault ship will arrive in Israel in two weeks for a joint US-Israeli military drill aimed at strengthening the cooperation between IDF special units and the US Marine Corps.

The USS Iwo Jima will be carrying 30 helicopters and fighter jets and about 2,500 Marine troops. The two militaries are expected to simulate landing forces beyond enemy lines using the helicopters and hovercrafts on board the ship. They will also practice the rescuing of casualties and urban warfare in day and night.

On Thursday morning, a video was published on social media showing a convoy of US Patriot missiles en route to southern Israel ahead of the large-scale drill.