According to reports, two Palestinians from Gaza who joined ISIS were eliminated in Sinai during a battle with Egyptian security forces on Friday. Palestinian security officials have confirmed the report.


Archive Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

The Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported on Friday that two Gaza residents were killed in Sinai as they fought alongside ISIS forces. According to the report, the two Palestinians were eliminated during a battle with Egyptian forces in northern Sinai.

The terror group identified the two Palestinians as Abu Umeir al-Maqdisi and Abu Osama al-Maqdisi from the Gaza Strip. The news agency spoke with Palestinian security officials who confirmed the report, revealing that the two Palestinians were 25-year-old Ahmad Zaqout and 26-year-old Fadi al-Hajar.

The battles between ISIS forces and the Egyptian Army have escalated in recent weeks in northern Sinai. Egypt also began attacking ISIS targets in Libya last week in response to the most recent terror attack against the country’s Christian Coptic minority.

Over the years, several Palestinians from Gaza who joined ISIS have been eliminated in battles. However, most of the reports have been about Palestinians who fought in Syria or Iraq.