Egypt’s army has launched a major operation in northern Sinai to “eradicate terrorism.” The army’s spokesperson announced the operation in a televised statement.

Egyptian military vehicle in Sinai

Egyptian military vehicle in Sinai Photo Credit: EPA

The Egyptian Army announced on Friday morning that its forces have launched a large-scale operation against terrorists in the Nile Delta and northern Sinai.

In a televised statement, the army’s spokesperson explained that the goal of the operation is “to eradicate terrorism in Sinai and cleanse the area of terrorists,” Israel’s Channel 10 News network reported. Residents of the area reported hearing air activities above Ismailia, a city near the Suez Canal.

In recent years, Egypt has experienced a wave of terror attacks targeting military forces, police officers and the Coptic Christian minority. Many of the attacks have taken place in the northern Sinai area. However, some were carried out in central cities such as Cairo and Alexandria.

About a month and a half ago, two terrorists opened fire on worshipers in a Coptic church in the Helwan City district south of Cairo. The Egyptian authorities reported that at least nine people were murdered, among them three police officers.