Ahead of the massive march planned along the Gaza border today, the IDF is on high alert in southern Israel and prepared to stop those who attempt to breach the border fence with live fire. Meanwhile, the Egyptians have warned Hamas leaders that escalating the situation might lead to their elimination.

Hamas terrorists in Gaza

Hamas terrorists in Gaza Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

Ahead of the violence expected along the Israeli-Gazan border on Monday as Palestinians protest against the US embassy move to Jerusalem, Egypt invited top Hamas members to Cairo and warned them against urging Gazans to breach the security barrier. The Egyptians told the Hamas leadership that such actions will put a target on the backs of the group’s leaders. Meanwhile, Hamas terrorists have dismantled outpost near the border to make it easier for civilians to reach the fence.  

The IDF expects that between 60,000 to 80,000 Palestinians will participate in the violent riots. Israeli soldiers have been instructed to shoot to eliminate if someone attempts to breach the fence.

“The IDF is calling on Gazans to stay away from the border fence and not to cooperate [with Hamas],” head of IDF Southern Command Gen. Eyal Zamir told officers yesterday. “We will continue defending the border and the Israeli citizens. Our forces are ready and determined to accomplish this mission.”

Live feed from Gaza border

Meanwhile, the IDF has revealed a new tactic that it plans to use to push rioters back into Gaza—a massive water cannon that can shoot 26,000 liters per minute. In addition, Israeli firefighters are on high alert to put out fires that Palestinians may cause along the border.