The IDF has announced that it will investigate the incident.

Palestinian protesters near the border

Palestinian protesters near the border Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Authorities in Gaza report that the medic who was shot by the IDF on Friday had approached the border fence with her hands raised in order to treat a wounded protester. A video released by the authorities shows the medical team, including medic Razan Najjar, approaching the border fence wearing white, and shortly after this, Najjar was shot.

The IDF announced that the incident is under investigation, “Cases in which there are claims that a civilian was killed by IDF fire we investigate thoroughly and that is what will be done in regard to these claims.”

UN envoy to the Middle East Nikolay Mladenov stressed the need to differentiate between civilian and terror targets and called on Hamas to prevent these incidents from happening along the border. “Medical workers are not a target! My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Razan al-Najjar! Palestinians in Gaza have had enough suffering. Israel needs to calibrate its use of force and Hamas need to prevent incidents at the fence. Escalation only costs more lives,” he tweeted.