After Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas blamed Hamas for the assassination attempt against two senior Palestinian officials, the terrorist organization called his remarks “dangerous” and urged the Arab League and other Arab factions to intervene.

Abbas speaking in Ramallah on March 19, 2018

Abbas speaking in Ramallah on March 19, 2018 Photo credit: Flash 90

Hamas is accusing Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas of undermining the unity government and paving the way for Israel to get its way in the region.

In response to Abbas’ recent attack on Hamas, which he blamed for last week’s bombing attack in Gaza that targeted two senior Palestinian officials, Hamas condemned what it called “irresponsible pronouncements” which “burn the bridges and strengthen the division.”

“These pronouncements and decisions, which stray away from the reconciliation agreement, require urgent intervention by all Palestinian factions and the Palestinian people,” the terrorist organization added. “We also call upon the regional and international players, including the Arab League, … to stop this dangerous deterioration.”

In a fierce speech earlier on Monday, Abbas announced new sanctions on the Gaza Strip in response to Hamas’ assassination attempt against Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah and his General Intelligence Chief Maged Farag.

“We are grateful that Hamdallah and Farag are healthy following the shameful and despicable attack on them carried out by Hamas in Gaza,” Abbas said, adding that the Palestinians would have faced “a bloody civil war” had the assassination attempt succeeded.