Hamas on Thursday reportedly arrested a suspect responsible for the attempted assassination of PA Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah following a manhunt in the Gaza Strip. Palestinian media reported that two Hamas guards were killed during the operation to capture the individual.

The explosion near the prime minister's convoy

The explosion near the prime minister’s convoy Photo Credit: Twitter screenshot

Over one week after the attempted assassination of Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, Hamas has reportedly arrested an individual suspected of being behind the attack. Anas Abu-Koussa, born in 1993, was arrested on Thursday in the Nuseirat refugee camp after a lengthy operation that resulted in the death of two Hamas guards, Palestinian media reported.

On Wednesday, Hamas said it had detained at least four people suspected to be involved in the attack on Fatah’s convoy last week. As previously reported by JOL, the explosion occurred some 200 meters away from the Erez Border Crossing at the northern end of the Gaza Strip. Several people reportedly sustained minor injuries and three of the vehicles in the convoy were damaged, while Hamdallah was unharmed.

Hamas condemned the attack in a statement released on its English language website, saying that the explosion was an attempt to undermine the Palestinian reconciliation efforts. Hamas also responded to the Palestinian Authority’s accusations that it was behind the assassination attempt and denounced what it called “irresponsible pronouncements” which “burn the bridges and strengthen the division.”

“These pronouncements and decisions, which stray away from the reconciliation agreement, require urgent intervention by all Palestinian factions and the Palestinian people,” the terrorist organization added. “We also call upon the regional and international players, including the Arab League, … to stop this dangerous deterioration.”