After Hamas rejected the Israeli conditions for expanding the search area, the terrorist groups in Gaza resumed the search for their missing members in the tunnel destroyed by the IDF earlier this week. The terrorists will not be allowed to come within 200 meters of the security fence between Gaza and Israel.

Gaza, today

Gaza, today Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

While Hamas rejected Friday the conditions put forward by Israel for permitting the expansion of the search area for the missing terrorists in the terror tunnel that was destroyed by the IDF earlier this week, the terrorist groups in Gaza have reportedly resumed their search. Due to Hamas’ rejection of the Israeli ultimatum, the IDF will not allow the terrorists to enter the security perimeter area near the fence, meaning that they cannot come within 200 meters of the barrier.

As reported earlier by JOL, senior Hamas terrorist Mahmoud al-Zahar announced his organization’s rejection of the Israeli conditions. His statement was made after the IDF Coordinator of Government Activity in the Territories told the Red Crescent that Israel will not permit the inclusion of the security perimeter near the border fence in the search area unless information on the missing Israelis in Gaza is provided.

Meanwhile, the IDF has taken several defense and rapid response precautions in northern Israel and along the country’s border with Gaza. The IDF is concerned that attempts to violate Israel’s sovereignty will be made along the borders in retaliation for the alleged Israeli airstrike in Syria and the destruction of the tunnel in the Gaza Strip.