After years of clandestine terrorist activity, the identity of Hezbollah’s commander in southern Syria has been revealed: Munir Ali Na’im Shati. The senior Hezbollah member dispatched the terrorists who murdered six Israelis near Kibbutz Matzuva in 2002.

Munir Ali Na'im Shati

Munir Ali Na’im Shati Photo Credit: Israel Hayom/Cannel 2 News

The Israeli security establishment revealed for the first time Wednesday morning that Hezbollah’s commander in southern Syria is Munir Ali Na’im Shati, according to Israel Hayom and Yediot Ahronot. 50-year-old Shati, known also as Haj Hashem, is responsible for the terrorist organization’s activities in the area and its strategic planning with Damascus and Tehran.

While Shati lives in southern Lebanon with his wife and four children, he spends most of his time in Syria, aiding Damascus and protecting the interests of Hezbollah and Iran in the region, such as establishing a stronghold in southern Syria near Israel.

Even though Shati became Hezbollah’s head commander in southern Syria over a year ago, his name and picture were released for the first time today. Shati has held several senior positions in the terrorist organization. In the early 2000s, Shati was the deputy commander of Hezbollah’s “Palestine Operations Unit” and in December 2002, he dispatched the terrorists who murdered six Israelis near Kibbutz Matzuva.

Shati replaced Jihad Mughniyah in June 2016, when the latter was eliminated. Mughniyah was the son of senior Hezbollah terrorist Imad Mughniyah, who was eliminated in 2008.