On Monday, Iranian officials stated that if the Security Council permanent members and Germany back out of the Iran nuclear deal, they will begin producing higher enriched uranium within two days.

Nuclear power plant in Iran

Nuclear power plant in Iran Photo Credit: Hamed Saber/WikiCommons

A senior Iranian official threatened on Monday that if the nuclear agreement signed with the P5 of the Security Council and Germany is withdrawn, Iran will return to enriching uranium at a high level within two days.

In the past, the Iranians have threatened to enrich uranium if the deal fails, but the time span this time is significantly shorter than the initial estimates. Just over a year ago, the head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency said that Iran could return to its 20 percent uranium enrichment level within five days if the US and the others decided to withdraw from the nuclear deal.

“If they plan to respond and challenge us, we will certainly surprise them,” said Ali Akbar Salehi, head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, who also serves as one of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s deputies.

The agreement, which led to the lifting of sanctions on Iran, limits the enrichment of Iranian uranium to only 5 percent. While most of Iran’s enriched uranium was diluted, some of it was converted into fuel and the rest was sent to Russia as part of the agreement.