The new propaganda video produced by ISIS reveals the terrorist organization’s difficult situation. The ISIS terrorist in the video accuses the U.S. of carelessly bombing targets in Syria, harming mainly women and children. In the end, he also addresses the U.S. president directly.

Watch: ISIS addresses Trump directly in new propaganda video from Raqqa

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As the Iraqi forces advance in their battle for Mosul and shortly before the terrorist organization’s de facto capital in Syria falls, ISIS released a new propaganda video from Raqqa. The ISIS terrorist in the video speaks English with an Australian accent, addressing U.S. President Donald Trump directly.

Tareq Kamleh, also known as Abu Yusuf, encourages Muslims who cannot join ISIS in Syria to carry out terror attacks in the West. “If you can’t make a way to come here, jihad itself isn’t only in the lands of Syria or Iraq, fighting for the cause of Allah is anywhere,” he says in the video.

The propaganda video includes footage of severely injured children. Abu Yusuf, who was a pediatrician in Australia, is mostly seen in the video wearing blue scrubs. At one point, he even stands by the bed of a wounded girl in what appears to be a hospital.

Abu Yusuf

Abu Yusuf Photo Credit: Youtube/Channel 2 News

He is then seen wearing combat clothes in a tunnel. “We’re dealing with countless numbers of burnt children that are coming in at the moment from the continuous bombings that America is dropping on us,” he said. “You are living in the countries that are sending us rockets. You are living in the countries that are killing Muslim men here and you are paying taxes to them. You have no honor, you have no self-respect. You have no love for fellow Muslims.”

At the end of the video, Abu Yusuf had a special message for Trump: “Now, a message to the Kuffar [non-believers], to old Trump. We were so happy because for a long time we have been waiting for your soldiers to meet us on the ground here and your effeminate predecessor [Barack] Obama danced around this subject for too long. He refused to send us your soldiers and now we know they are on the lands wanting to enter our lands. We are really eagerly awaiting your attempt. We love death more than you love life.”