In the wake of the renewed Saudi-Iranian tensions, ISIS has released a number of video clips condemning the Saudi regime for being apostate and heretical due to their tolerance for their Shia population, their support for the West, and the presence of foreigners in their country.

Photo Credit: MEMRI

A new report published by MEMRI has noted that Saudi Arabia is not only receiving renewed threats from the Islamic Republic of Iran in the wake of the deep tensions between the two countries after the execution of an Iranian operative within the Saudi kingdom but also from the murderous terrorist organization known as ISIS. In the framework of their well-coordinated media campaign, ISIS has published an unprecedented number of video clips designed to delegitimize Saudi Arabia and its ruling regime. According to MEMRI, ISIS also seeks to instigate attacks against Saudi personnel and to rally the Saudi people to support ISIS.

In the framework of these efforts, ISIS refers to the Al Saud family and their security forces as heretics and apostates due to their failure to rule based on Sharia law, their membership in global heretic organizations like the UN, and their collaboration with Western countries, whom ISIS refers to as crusaders. Additionally, ISIS condemns the presence of Shias, unbelievers and polytheists within the Saudi Kingdom, which prompted them to call for attacking the Al Saud family and their security forces. ISIS is especially greatly disturbed that Saudi Arabia, while taking a hard line against the external Shia foe called Iran, has refrained being similarly harsh with their local Shia population.

In one of the ISIS video clips, Abu Khattab Al Jawzrawi proclaimed to Saudis that they should rise up against their regime: “Have you not discerned the apostasy of Al-Saloul, who work in the Crusaders’ service? And have you not discerned that they made an anti-Muslim alliance with them?! Have you not distinguished the Crusader planes taking off from your land in order to bomb the Muslims in Iraq and Syria?!… Have you not noticed how their soldiers beat Muslim women and arrest them?! So if their apostasy is apparent to you, why do you sit by and refrain from fighting them and killing them, or making hijra to the lands of the Caliphate? Prepare your tools of war in order to purify the land from the defilement of Al-Saloul and their lackeys.” Al Saloul is a derogatory name for the Al Saud royal family.

Another ISIS speaker named Abu Ala Bara Al-Khath’ami gave a threatening message to the Saudis: “I have sworn that we will come to slaughter you, O enemies of Allah. Either repent and return to your religion or the sword will reach you. I have sworn that we will take revenge for the Muslim prisoners in your jails; we will take revenge for the jailed women in your prisons…” Al Sau’d and their scholars are decried by ISIS for turning Saudi Arabia into a “prairie for atheists, secularists and polytheists and a safe haven for the Crusaders.”

According to ISIS, “Forcing out the polytheists from the Arabian Peninsula has been established by the sharia for no two religions shall coexist in in Saudi Arabia; and no two worshiping places shall be built in it for the Arabian Peninsula is a blessed land chosen by Allah, so no unbeliever can enter it. Sadly, the Arabian Peninsula has become today a ground for the biggest Crusaders bases, and is flocked by the kufar, with all their colors and religions, to work or reside in, or for tourism and vacation in order to desecrate it with their heresy, crosses, and debauchery.” Kufar is a derogatory name for non-Muslims. It means unbeliever.

In another video, ISIS speaker Abu Talha Al-Ansari declared that the Saudi regime treats Muslims worse than the Christians and Jews while at the same time, they condemned the Saudis for associating with non-believers: “You are the guardians of the polytheistic Rafidites, heresy, and apostasy in your country. You have many embassies for the Christians and Jews, and you have many worshipping places for the polytheistic Rafidites. You feed them from your food, sate them with your drinks, and harmonize with them and they harmonize with you… Don’t you know that whoever associates with the Rafidites, Christians, or Jews, becomes one of them?” Rafidites is a derogatory term for Shias.

ISIS speaker Jarrah Al-Jazrawi even called upon Saudi women to become suicide bombers in order to help ISIS overthrow what ISIS perceives to be an apostate and heretical regime: “Where are the female suicide bombers and where are the booby-traps? Use explosive belts and grill the flesh of the Arabian Peninsula tyrants.” Al-Jazrawi called upon their followers to show no mercy for the Saudis as they show no mercy for the Muslims: “By Allah, their [i.e. the Al-Saud’s] prisoners have harsher torture than that [employed] by the Jews and Christians to the extent that some brothers held in their prisons and who previously were in Guantanamo prison would say: I wish I can return to Guantanamo and not stay in Al-Ha’ir prison.”