It is strongly believed that Friday’s bombing of a Hamas official’s car was done by members of ISIS as an act of revenge for the persecution of ISIS officials in the Gaza Strip.

Abu Naim at the hospital

Abu Naim at the hospital Photo credit: Channel 2 News

The recent assassination attempt on Tawfik Abu Naim, the commander of Hamas’ security forces in Gaza, was most likely done by ISIS members, Channel 2 News reported Sunday.

Abu Naim was injured Friday when a bomb detonated in his car. Two days earlier, he reportedly received a threatening phone call from an ISIS member in Idlib, who demanded that Hamas stop persecuting ISIS members in the Gaza Strip and release two ISIS detainees.

Following the attempted assassination, a Hamas spokesperson vaguely implied that Israel may be responsible for it, though he also spoke of other possibilities.

Hamas’ military wing later declared the Nuseirat refugee camp, where the bombing occurred, a closed military zone.