Jordanian Palestinian Opposition Leader Mudar Zahran highlighted how the Jordanian government stands behind the global promotion of the Muslim Brotherhood and how this threatens the global war against terrorism.

Mudar Zahran

Mudar Zahran Photo Credit: Facebook

According to Jordanian Palestinian Opposition Leader Mudar Zahran, “The US supports Arab regimes that enforce and even expand the Muslim Brotherhood. An example is Jordan’s regime. The King of Jordan despite his alleged moderation and his secular life style has been in a strong alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood. He has been claiming to fight ISIS and radicals while the mother of ISIS the Muslim Brotherhood has its biggest headquarters in Amman 3 miles away from the king’s palace.”

“Shockingly, while the king puts all seculars in jail and sentences me, the head of the secular opposition, to live in prison, he allows the Muslim Brotherhood to have their own charity, which is now worth over 4 billion dollars, their own TV station and their own daily newspaper, and he even went as far as shutting down the opposition parties that oppose the Muslim Brotherhood and this is documented,” Zahran related. “What most Americans and Israelis don’t understand is how many Arab regimes work this way and play on them.”

Apparently, the Jordanian king is not alone in this game. According to Zahran, also Mubarak’s former regime, Qatar, and Morocco are in the same boat: “They empower the Muslim Brotherhood and allow them to spread while they keep claiming that they have a threat to their regimes called the Muslim Brotherhood. Therefore, the West is fooled into believing that they either support those regimes or end up with the Muslim Brotherhood in power. We have seen in Egypt how the Muslim Brotherhood was against the anti-Mubarak revolution then jumped in and hijacked it when Mubarak fell. And then the Egyptian people toppled the Muslim Brotherhood government.”

Zahran stressed that the US administration and whoever will be America’s next president have a duty to recognize that the Muslim Brotherhood is a terror organization and to limit their influence in Washington, DC: “For example, Jordan’s king regularly meets with CAIR in the USA, which is controlled by Nihad Awad, who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and is a Jordanian. Why would Jordan’s king meet him? This should raise many questions.”

According to Zahran, Jordan’s king is the main force promoting the Muslim Brotherhood in the US: “Just check his connections and who he meets; CAIR, the American Task Force on Palestine, and others. I ask people to search and see who finances them and if any Arab leader has met with them beside Jordan’s king. To make myself clear, Jordan’s king harbors and openly supports the strongest, best financed and most organized Muslim Brotherhood on a global scale and he hosts their global headquarters in Amman. And that man is very active in DC, thus they are empowered through him in DC. Let me confirm this. When Sisi came to power and Morsi was put in jail, Jordan’s king flew to Egypt requesting that Sisi release him. This by itself is confirmed. I can challenge Jordan’s government today to deny it and I could add, the Jordanian regime and King have lobbied for Morsi’s release in DC.”

“The king is empowering the Muslim Brotherhood in the Arab world,” Zahran declared. “They have nobody left supporting them significantly other than the King and Qatar and the king is way more connected than Qatar in DC. This is why we were not surprised when he called Israel a terrorist and alleged they butcher Palestinian kids every five minutes on state TV. We have been in touch with US Congress members warning them about the king’s anti-Semitic and anti-Israel incitement, detailing with documents his connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. The world must understand: the ISIS leader was a Muslim Brotherhood member, Bin Ladin was a Muslim Brotherhood member and his successor Zawahiri was also a Muslim Brotherhood member. The Muslim Brotherhood is the mother of ISIS and the Arab regimes that support them are responsible for global terrorism.”

Given these facts, Zahran seeks that his secular opposition group will be seen is a viable alternative to the King and will one day be the government in Jordan for the benefit of the global war against terrorism as well as for the benefit of Jordan’s future, as the local economy has suffered greatly due to the king’s lavish corrupt lifestyle. Zahran is already taking steps in the direction of promoting regime change in Jordan. The Jordanian Opposition Coalition recently announced that Jordan’s Shadow Economy Minister Abedalelah. H. Almaala visited Washington, DC, where he met with numerous US Congressmen and outlined his vision for solving Jordan’s economic crisis.  

“Muslims around the world should experience what I experienced today,” Secretary Abedalelah Almaala said. “There is nothing like this in any Islamic country – everyone, everywhere should have access to making policy with governments and who their elected representative is. What we did today will not only benefit Jordan, but relations between Muslims, Jews and Christians. People all over the world are the same. We want peace, the ability to raise a family, enjoy life and live our lives in peace. In Jordan, that can’t be done unless there is massive economic development. And positive economic development will benefit all of our trading partners, including those with Israel, which has the right to exist.”

“King Abdullah has repeatedly promised prosperity but Jordanian unemployment stands at almost 50% and poverty is growing deeper every day. As such, we find more and more people starving and eating out of the garbage cans,” Mudar Zahran said. “This is unacceptable in a civilized society and is why we created the plan and put Abedalelah Almaala in charge – his heart is in the right place and we want him to project this ideal and image worldwide. Our revolution will be peaceful. Not one person will die because our war will be waged in the halls of Congress and the United Nations.”