A film by Ziad Doueiri has been pulled from a Palestinian film festival after anti-Israeli groups claimed Doueiri was pushing for a normalization of relations with Israel.

Ziad Doueiri

Ziad Doueiri Photo credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

A film by a Lebanese-born French director was removed from a Palestinian film festival after it emerged that the director was in favor of “normalizing relations with Israel.”

Ziad Doueiri’s movie, The Insult, depicts a complex relationship between a Palestinian refugee and a Christian Lebanese citizen during the civil war in Lebanon. It was supposed to be screened in Ramallah as part of the four-day festival, but after pressure from anti-Israeli groups, including the BDS movement, it was cancelled.

Doueiri’s critics also brought up the fact that his previous movie, The Attack, was partly filmed in Israel and had Israeli actors appear in it.

AFP quoted a senior official in the municipality of Ramallah as saying that the screening of the movie was postponed in order to maintain “a peaceful climate” and not because of pressure to boycott Israel.

According to Lebanese media, the movie was chosen, despite the criticism, to represent Lebanon in the Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film.