Saudi Arabia intercepted on Tuesday a missile that was fired from Yemen by Houthi rebels toward the Yamama Palace in Riyadh. At the time of the attack, Saudi leaders were meeting at the palace. The Houthis have confirmed that the meeting was the target of the attack.

Photo: Photo credit: Reuters/ Israel News Company | Can’t see video? – Click Here

The Saudi air defense forces intercepted a ballistic missile that was fired from Yemen toward Riyadh on Tuesday. The Houthi rebels have taken responsibility for the missile, saying that they were trying to hit the Yamama Palace in the southern part of the city, where a meeting of Saudi leaders was taking place. According to Saudi state television, no damage or injuries were reported.

Today’s missile was the second projectile fired by Houthi rebels at Saudi Arabia in the past month and a half. In the beginning of November, the Houthis fired a missile toward Riyadh. The Saudi Press Agency, the kingdom’s official media outlet, reported that the missile was built by Iran.

Last month’s missile was also intercepted by Saudi Arabia and no damage was caused. Shortly after the interception, the kingdom accused Iran of being responsible for the incident and could be considered “an act of war against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”